• The only limit to the ways you can use Rialto is your imagination.


    As property professional, you require a vast variety of skillsets and thus tools. We made sure you can plug Rialto in into all your existing processes and software you're using.

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    CRM - powered by Zapier

    Synchronise your deals and contacts between Rialto and your CRM. With Zapier, you link Rialto to more than 1000+ platforms.


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    Property Management

    Automate your administration. Manage your members, billing, bookings and more on a dedicated platform.


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    Automatically have your on-market inventory published to the market places of your choice.


  • Popular Integrations

    Achieve higher productivity by integrating processes between complementary solutions.

    Billing and Member management

    The live inventory integration between OfficeRnd and Rialto will automatically identify your inventory sitting idle.

    Achieve higher productivity by integrating processes between complementary solutions such as Essensys, Nexudus or OfficeRnd.

  • Workflow Management

    Browse through your emails and convert live requirements to an enquiry on Rialto with a click of a button. We support LeadDadi .xml attachments for broker introductions.

    Receive alerts for contract commencements and expirations, scheduled calls and viewings, proposal due dates etc...

    Make sure you get your contacts saved to your Outlook/Phone.

  • Marketing

    Now you have your customers journey mapped on Rialto, build email marketing lists to schedule messages which resonate with your audience.

    Save time by getting tours scheduled and tracked automatically.

  • Building Your Own Integrations


    Seamless import/export to your enterprise database/ERP or CRM. Create your own integrations and learn more about the technical aspects of our platform in the Rialto API documentation.