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    If you are flexible workspace and coworking operator you probably experienced at least once, the rush for finding the right office pictures, the floorplans or other information you might need to fill out your proposal templates.



    Working with our users at Rialto, we identified a burning need to bring the offering process from the standard doc templates to beautifully designed, interactive and ready to be signed proposals. Time kills all deals and with our platform you can send new space proposals within seconds.


    How it works



    You can start a proposal from scrath from the homepage of Rialto. Every proposal is kept well and organised so you know exactly what and when was sent to each of your accounts.


    Next you simply fill out the commercial terms. You can include everything from contract length details, to financial terms and additional costs.


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    The proposal is automatically generated based on the information you provide. The platform creates a unique microsite per proposal.


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    When you are sending proposals with Rialto, you simply copy and paste the unique URL to your email. In this way the customer can view different media formats, from office pictures to location on floorplans, without hassle.


    On top, you will get notified once the proposal has been accepted and the prospect is ready to draft the contract.


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