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    Rialto helps you pull together your

    leasing activity report on the fly


    We automate busy workdays.


      It's simple on the surface, but has all the features you need under the hood




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    Track leasing activity

    to organise what you know and have clarity where you need most


    Log all leasing enquiries and track your tours across your portfolio of mandates

    • Interactive pipeline built on your leasing steps
    • Log requirement details, from size, budget to type of space
    • Log progress, from initial contact to touring several assets in your portfolio, to proposing and executing on a deal
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    Generate a leasing report per asset

    hassle-free way of keeping your clients happy

    Clients expect you as asset manager or leasing agent to regularly show progress. Rialto provides a report builder which pulls data from your overall leasing pipeline and still grants you the power and edit rights to customise the report.

  • See Rialto in action

    Take an interactive guided tour to discover how Rialto can transform

    the way you occupy your workspace.