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    Rialto helps flexible workspace operators share their live availabilities to over 500 commercial agents currently active on the platform

  • Frequently asked questions

    How much does it cost for the brokers to use Rialto?


    Access for commercial agents to the operator inventory is completely free. Now & forever.

    What information can they find?


    General information to help them generate more interest for your assets, from marketing collateral on locations and services offered, to live inventory on those locations as well as contact information for booking viewings. In some cases, operators also communicate their terms of working with brokers, and the corresponding fees & incentives they're willing to pay.


    Who can access my live availabilities and marketing collateral?


    Access to inventory data is shared exclusively with people working at agencies and broker firms, after they have been granted permission to view the information by the operator. You are always in full control.

    How do brokers consult the data?


    They can subscribe to a weekly availability report, login on the platform or build an API connection straight to their database.


    Do the brokers have rights to reuse my information?


    In principle, yes. The extra layers of transparency in information should serve the brokers to optimise their content and processes. They're permitted to list any of the locations shared with them over Rialto over any of their channels without requiring individual consent. We would nevertheless advise any of the operators on Rialto to spin up their own Terms & Conditions for working with brokers, and publish these on the Rialto platform.


    What can I expect from the brokers active Rialto?


    You can expect the brokers to consult your marketing materials and send space enquiries. You can track their activity on the marketing dashboard on the platform. Through Rialto, you will equip your agents with all the information they need in order to sell or lease your space, from pricing information to interactive floorplans, and office photos. We strongly encourage our operators to join forces with our team, and send the brokers to Rialto in order to check what is available and collect the floorplans and office pictures.


    In which geographies do you have active the broker pool?


    Rialto is operating in any region our customers want us to. Today, the main markets where the broker pool is active are UK, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.





    Some of the operators currently sharing their live availabilities over Rialto

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