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    Rialto helps you drive workspace occupancy

    with smart marketing automation solutions


    We automate busy workdays.

  • It's simple on the surface, but has all the features you need under the hood



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    Interactive inventory

    to eliminate double work


    Keep your marketed inventory up to date on Rialto, and we automatically update your marketing collateral.

    • First inventory import is on us
    • It's easy to add/ update space yourself after
    • Just move a space from off-market status to on-market and we update your flyers straight away
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    Interactive floorplans

    for sales teams and prospects to get an instant and wholistic view of the site


    Map your availabilities on interactive floorplans. It's easy. Upload your floorplans as an image or PDF & simply draw your private spaces to match your availabilities.

    • Easy preview for office photos, unit names, size, availability and customer information or pricing
    • Visualise and monitor occupancy
    • Integrate the floorplans on flyers and custom office proposals
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    Auto-generated flyers

    to focus on impact not painful manual taks


    Create flyers with one-click, and save yourself time to focus on the tasks which drive you the most.

    • Design flyers on your brand's look & feel
    • Flyers are interactive
    • Commercial agents and online brokers can schedule viewings straight from the flyers
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    Weekly availability reports

    to stay on top of brokers' mind


    We make sure to keep your commercial agents and online brokers informed about your latest space updates.

    • Emails are automatically sent every week
    • Design matches your brand
    • Brokers get direct access to your marketing collateral
    • Inventory access and emailing list is always in your full control
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    Your own "work with brokers" microsite

    to collaborate more efficiently


    Set your guidline and manage your relationship with commercial agents and online brokers more efficiently.

    • White label company microsite
    • Introducing comission structure and contact person
    • Easy broker referrals straight to your CRM
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    Rialto's broker pool

    to engage all brokers in your market


    Get access to a shared and commonly maintained broker contact database

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    Proposal templates

    to convert leads to members with less effort


    Generate proposals faster and with less effort, because time matters when signing new members.

    • Design proposals on your brand's look & feel
    • Proposals are interactive
    • Get notified once a proposal has been accepted, or prepare to negotiate once it has been rejected
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    Marketing dashboard

    to track broker activity and understand your demand


    Understand which products generate most searches, and track how brokers interact with your marketing collateral.

    • Flyer visits 
    • Mail clicks 
    • Searches on Rialto
  • See Rialto in action

    Take an interactive guided tour to discover how Rialto can transform the way you market your workspace.


    Find out how our clients benefit from

    a fluid marketing process


    "A centralised platform making all information easily accessible for our brokers."


    Landlord Case

    Céline Goosens, Asset Coordinator

    Intervest Offices & Warehouses


    “It works the way you expect it to work. It comes across very easily. I am very impressed.”


    Commercial Agent Case

    James Young, Partner - London Markets Chair - EMEA Office Agency

    Cushman & Wakefield

    “When there is a change in our vacancies, Rialto will automatically update all our commercial flyers.”


    Landlord Case

    Filip Audenaert, Account Manager RE Management

    KBC Real Estate

    “Rialto provides us the information that we need directly from the owner.”



    Commercial Agent Case

    Arno Michiels, Account Manager



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    It's easy to get started.

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