• Live inventory sync between Rialto and ...


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    Adam Lowe

    Commercial Lead

    Avenue HQ

    “Having instant & accurate access to our live inventory not only saved our team time, but foremost opened the doors for an efficient broker collaboration.”

  • How it works

    Behind the magic

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    Unlock your available inventory

    The live inventory integration between OfficeRnd and Rialto will automatically identify your inventory sitting idle.


    Empower your sales team with the information critical to drive occupancy:


    • Step 1: Locations get created on Rialto
    • Step 2: Inventory gets synced to Rialto in real-time
    • Step 3: Available units get listed 'on-market'
    • Step 4: Auto-generate flyers and proposals to share with brokers and prospects
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    Weekly digest of availability updates

    Keeps everyone engaged on driving occupancy.


    Inform your internal sales team and brokers you're collaborating with.

    • New locations opening
    • Spaces coming available
    • Spaces being let
    • New marketing collateral shared
    • Incentives being offered to agents
    • New relationship managers
  • Setting it up

    Live API Integration between Rialto and OfficeRnD


    OfficeRnd API Token

    Request your OfficeRnD API token


    Activate OfficeRnD sync on Rialto

    Find this in settings > integrations


    Go live

    From now on, your inventory from OfficeRnD will be automatically synced to Rialto

  • About OfficeRnD

    OfficeRnD is a data-driven property management platform for coworking spaces, serviced offices, and business centers. It enables the office managers to achieve operational excellence, reduce costs and build an engaged community.

    Billing & Payments

    Automate your whole billing process to save time and ensure your accounting records are always up to date. Get real time reports on revenue and invoice payment statuses.

    Meeting Room Bookings

    Web and mobile member booking apps. Public bookings and checkouts. Meeting room display apps. Advanced bookings models and policies.

    Members Portal / Mobile App

    Website and Mobile app which enable space members to book meeting rooms, search the members’ directory, connect to other members via a message board and manage their membership, profile, and account.

    Memberships & Contracts

    Manage the full range of your services from flexible memberships to license and lease agreements. Streamline contract creation and easily keep track of all plans and products.

    For more integrations with OfficeRnD or similar offerings in the market, we'd like to refer to our Zapier integrations with other Membership Management software solutions.

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