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    Achieve higher productivity by integrating processes between complementary solutions.

  • OfficeR&D is a data-driven property management platform for coworking spaces, serviced offices, and business centers. It enables the office managers to achieve operational excellence, reduce costs and build an engaged community.

    Billing & Payments

    Automate your whole billing process to save time and ensure your accounting records are always up to date. Get real time reports on revenue and invoice payment statuses.

    Meeting Room Bookings

    Web and mobile member booking apps. Public bookings and checkouts. Meeting room display apps. Advanced bookings models and policies.

    Members Portal / Mobile App

    Website and Mobile app which enable space members to book meeting rooms, search the members’ directory, connect to other members via a message board and manage their membership, profile, and account.

    Memberships & Contracts

    Manage the full range of your services from flexible memberships to license and lease agreements. Streamline contract creation and easily keep track of all plans and products.

    For further details, please consult https://officernd.com

  • How It Works

    Integrations supported by zapier



    Request access to the Rialto Zapier app: https://www.getrialto.com/integrations 



    Map the flows most crucial to your business and define triggers and actions


    Set live

    From now on, your processes will be automatically synched

  • Use cases

    We'll show you a couple of the most common uses.

    Create member on OfficeRnd every time you close a deal.

    Rialto triggers Zapier at deal stage or status update, which activates OfficeRnd to create a new member.


    When a deal closes, you will either move it into the Signed LOI" stage, or update the status to "executed" on Rialto.


    Both triggers are available on Zapier.


    These are the triggers and actions we suggest you to make:

    1. Trigger from Rialto
      1. Deal stage update on Rialto
      2. Deal status update on Rialto
    2. Filter on 
      1. stage exactly matches = "signed_loi"
      2. status exactly matches = "executed"
    3. Find Tenant Contact
      1. Select Deal Id from the Look up Property dropdown
      2. Set the Value =ID from the Status/Stage update trigger
    4. Create member on OfficRnD:
      • Select Account/Location
        • Optional would be to:
          • have a "Find Location" step in between to help you match Asset name from Rialto with Location name on Officernd.
          • select a custom value on the create member template, by linking this to the location value generated in the find location step 
        • Add customer details from the "find tenant contact" step
          • Company Name
          • Company Address
          • Contact Person Name
          • Contact Person Email
          • Contact Person Phone

    Send company & contact info to OfficeRnd once the  proposal has been accepted


    Receive drafted contracts ready to put live on OfficeR&D


    After a proposal has been executed on Rialto, a Zapier trigger allows you to upload all contract details in draft on OfficeR&D, ready to be accepted by the administrator.


    1. Deal update on Rialto
    2. Filter on status updates = "executed"
    3. Find Proposal, property = Deal Id, value = ID
    4. Create membership on OfficRnD
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