• Rialto and your Calendar

    Subscribe to a Rialto calendar feed and get access to critical business information in your business agenda.

  • How It Works

    Integration supported by .ical subscriptions



    Browse to the calendar tab and tick "subscribe"



    Set your preferences on your calendar and activate subscription


    Set live

    From now on, the events created on Rialto will be automatically synchronised to your calendar

  • Example for Mac users

    This is how you set it up on your Mac



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    Subscribe from your calendar

    • Find your calendar on the header bar
    • Tick the subscribe button to open the Rialto calendar on your calendar of preference

    Your browser will automatically ask you to open your calendar. In case the suggested calendar is not your calendar of preference to synch the Rialto events with, copy the URL in the search bar of your browser, and past this link in the subscribe settings of your calendar.

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    Setup your calendar

    • Choose the name for this calendar
    • Set auto-refresh from every week --> every hour
    • Tick OK


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    Set alerts

    • Browse to your calendar settings, and select the Alerts tab
    • From there, you can set your preferred Alert time
    • Pay attention, this is a default setting for all your calendars synced to this calendar. In a second version of calendar subscriptions, we will allow you to set specific alerts for events synced from Rialto
  • Need help?

    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + us = awesome.