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    Achieve higher productivity by integrating processes between complementary solutions.

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  • How It Works

    Integration supported by Zapier



    Request access to the Rialto Zapier app: https://www.getrialto.com/integrations 



    Map the flows most crucial to your business and define triggers and actions.


    Set Live

    From now on, your processes will be automatically synched

  • Use Case

    We'll show you a popular Rialto - Mailchimp integration.



    rialto - calendly

    Subscribe prospects to your marketing campaigns

    Trigger: Rialto, Action: Mailchimp

    As soon as a prospect gets tracked on Rialto, the contact data will be subscribed to your Mailchimp list of choice. The added value of only subscribing people once the get tracked on Rialto, is to make sure the context is correct. You want your audience to be subscribed to updates which suit your audiences buyer persona & stage of engagement. We suggest to use groups to keep your Audience up to date on Mailchimp.



    Triggers, Searches and Filters for Rialto Data:


    As soon as someone is identified:

    • Trigger is "New Tenant Contact", and next, set filter to select those in deal status "monitoring"
    And possibly create multiple versions depending on your products:
    • Target prospects for a specific location, f.e.: "East London": set a filter on Portfolio or Asset
    • Target prospects for a specific product on Rialto, f.e.: "Private Offices": set a filter on Asset



    Actions by Zapier on Mailchimp:

    • Add/Update Subscriber
      • Select List/Audience on Mailchimp
      • Match Subscriber Email to the Tenant Contact Email from the first step (Deal Stage/Status Update)
      • Update existing: yes
      • Replace groups: depends on your preferences
      • Groups: subscribe the Tenant Contact to the relevant Group(s) 

    Set Live!


    And enjoy the fully automated marketing cycle! We recommend to closely track your first subscriber updates to verify whether the behaviour is as expected.

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