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Q1 Product Update...

Another three months have passed and we did not sit still. We are very delighted to present you this short summary of the biggest features we released during Q1 of this year. As Rialto’s product lead, I’m very proud of what our team has achieved. I hope you too are as thrilled as we are about all the new features we brought to the platform.

Hopefully this is a great indication of what is still to come in 2019. We are dedicated to delivering more useful and exciting updates to you in the months to come. Going forward, we want to keep on working even more closely with you, our users. So should you have any questions, suggestions, frustrations, requests, … do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our absolute best to see to them.

In total, we deployed 224 new versions of Rialto and fixed 58 bugs. This translated into 5 main product releases and a dozen small updates.

Overhauled Weekly Digest

We heard you: our weekly digest did not contain enough valuable information and was looking quite dull. As one of the first features we ever built for Rialto, it needed a complete rebuild and redesign to be able to grow it to its full potential. We are happy with the result, but we will not stop here. Short term, we are planning to add even more information: think incentives, contact person, ...

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All New File Manager

Another big feature we are excited to talk about is our all new File Manager. We understood your need to drastically improve the way pictures and files were uploaded to your marketing collateral. Now you can rename, reorder and un-share files and pictures. The most exciting feature however is tagging spaces to pictures.

Spoiler alert! This will work great with the brand new interactive floor plans planned for Q2..

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Customizable Enquiry Navigator

While we allow you to save a lot of information about your Enquiries in the detail page, the Navigator was lagging behind as you could not visualize all this information. This is in the past: from now on, you can customize the columns shown and add advanced filters to specify your search even further.

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Automating Workflow: Integrating with OfficeR&D

During the years, we at Rialto have automated internal workflows and are confident that the tools we use make us work more efficiently and improve our employees’ happiness. That is why we are very excited to announce our first integration with one of our partners: OfficeR&D, a property management system offering billing solutions and tenant engagement functionalities. You can activate the integration in your company’s integration settings. Once the sync is in place, inventory changes on OfficeR&D will be automatically reflected in an updated inventory on Rialto.

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Real-time Inventory API

It is the year 2019, the tech industry and far beyond is talking about AI, blockchain and machine learning. We at Rialto felt a bit embarrassed we did not not provide our customers a proper API to interact with. Fear no longer: we released a complete new Inventory API. You are now able to create, show, update and delete data programmatically, to help you to communicate and convert leads even faster!

For more information, read our API documentation at

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Small and Ongoing Improvements

As always we want to continuously improve your experience with Rialto. In Q1 we released some small, yet useful improvements, including:

  • Sorting Asset Navigator

  • Simplified Asset Settings

  • Company cards to improve your visibility

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What to Look Forward to in Q2

Where many of you trust on the pool of brokers that can be reached over Rialto, we will develop a far improved way for you and your brokers to get introduced and stay updated.

After a first successful integration with OfficeRnD last quarter, we will double down on a couple of more integrations, a.o. with MatchOffice, Mailchimp, and Nexudus.

Last but not least, it's time to help you better visualise your portfolio. Integrating space tagging on photos and allowing you to create interactive floor plans will be game changes in the way your team and collaborators engage with the building flyers.

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