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SharedSpace meets AvenueHQ


Best sales & marketing automation tools for coworking operators

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After a first conversation with Adam, Marketing Lead at Avenue HQ, it struck us how little applied

knowledge is available for flex-office businesses on the topic of marketing and sales automation.

Taking the bull by its horns, we asked Mike, one of the biggest automation enthusiasts we know,

and founder and general manager at SharedSpace, to jump on a call with Adam and share his


We had this idea to bring operators with a golden thread to share knowledge. About equal in

size, SharedSpace is operating its spaces since 2015, while Avenue HQ is on the market since

little over a year but growing quickly. Aside from size and industry, both operators have in

common the enthusiasm for new technologies and process optimisation. We were lucky enough

to assist their discussion, and we are lucky now, to share the findings with you. This is the first

part out of two.

Best of breed & continuous improvement

We covered this earlier, but one of the first topics which came up was Zapier, the if this, than that

"glue" for business apps. Zapier has been successfully implemented at SharedSpace and

allowed Mike to experiment with, implement and continuously improve his operational processes.

Because it allows integrations between apps across the operational spectrum, Mike was able to

easily connect the best solutions for his business.

Marketing automation & tour scheduling

Why tooling up? Because the conversion rate from your website’s visitors to tour bookings is very

high. This is the case at SharedSpace: the software they choose for frictionless bookings

is Calendly, an Atlanta based scheduling software. Here is what you should look for in a

scheduling tool:

  • Make sure the tool sends calendar invites, which make tours more sticky. This will help prospects actually show up;
  • Ensure the tool adapts to your needs in terms of supporting booking tours in several locations (interesting fact: WeWork website will suggest a space based on your current location);
  • Some alternatives to Calendly are ScheduleOnce, Hubspot or Skedify.
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Tech @front door: walk-ins and free day passes

Did you hear about the iPad? SharedSpace uses iPads at the reception desk for walk-in registry.

The idea is welcoming visitors to come and sign up for a free day of work. Some of the

supporting systems are Envoy and Proxyclick. OfficeRnD is working on this feature too.

By allowing walk-in registry, you can basically look at free day passes and tour bookings as one

and the same thing. This means that people logging in from your iPad will automatically be imported from Envoy (or any other software of your choice) to Rialto’s CRM. With an easy integration, Rialto automates the sales and marketing of your space, and you can follow-up easily on all your leads.

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