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Rialto @GCUCuk - The Workplace Revolution Juicy Unconference

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GCUC (short for the Global Coworking Unconference Conference), is heading to Europe for the first time, this September (25-26). The event will run this week in Europe’s leading coworking capital, London, attracting attendees across the office space ecosystem. Investors, operators and owners are welcome to collaborate, share ideas, network and learn with their peers from all over the World.

At the crossroads of real estate, investment, technology and the future of work, GCUC is the largest coworking conference series in the world. This year, events were hosted in New York, Shanghai, Singapore, Melbourne, Taipei and Vancouver.

Bringing the complete UK coworking platter, sided by the larger context of innovation in technology, sustainability and community building, the London event promises a “big, juicy wave of awesomeness”. The sweet & salty of the groundbreaking ideas are bound to make you thirsty, so we chose this year to support the event with the much desired water bottles. Rialto will free you from thirst and set you for growth.

Day 1: GCUC kicks off in full. The Conference.

Rise and shine, the juicy content starts from the early hours of day one. With top thought-leaders of the industry as speakers and panelists, this year’s breakout sessions promise a variety of topics underpinned by a common theme: the future of workspace.

In the morning sessions, attendees can explore the UK market, from major regions to the question of an overheated London, followed by a much waited Great Debate about the possible coworking bubble burst in the region. Technology, robots and the future of work panel will get the gears turning just before the break, feeding us exciting topics to discuss over lunch.

In the afternoon, breakouts are abundant with panels discussing some of the hottest topics popping up in our dynamic industry. Explore everything from niche service design to space financing, and from tech as a way to enhance the wellbeing and human experience, to the growing work & play trend in the workspace.

Spoiler alert: before you dive into Day 2, don’t miss the Chargifi happy hour this evening, where you can meet your next business partner.

Day 2: The Unconference Day

Day 2 brings together some of the brightest and most relevant speakers in the industry, discussing matters close to the heart. The Unconference contributors will offer attendees a strong footing to approach the marketing, community building, technology, management agreements and revenue sharing in their own businesses.

The day begins with a workshop looking to understand the corporates impact on coworking, followed by two mastermind sessions. If you are undecided on which session to attend, I recommend seeing Nicolas Kint alongside industry experts in the Marketing Strategies for Coworking and SpaceAsaService mastermind session. You will gain some great practical insights. The day ends with two crowd-sourced Unconference sessions and a closing chat, so that we all leave fully energised and inspired.

Day 3: Coworking Tours - Have you booked yours?

Surely London will have attendees buzzing with three incredible guided tours of some of the most beautifully designed but different coworking spaces across the city. GCUC advises attendees to book their place in advance to avoid disappointment as places are limited. If you have not done it yet, you can still do it here.

See you on tomorrow!

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