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How to integrate business processes in your coworking

Integrations supported by Zapier

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Rialto offers you a workflow to automate your lead generation and then make sure you follow up until you actually close the sale.

This means we are designed around moving contacts through a sales process, where they start out as a lead that potentially might buy your service or lease your space and turn into a deal.

While Rialto is perfect for your sales or leasing team, your colleagues from marketing or accounting will require different workflows designed around their job.

Integrate through Zapier

Zapier allows you to create a flow of Triggers and Actions thoughout the cloud applications you're using.

Trigger example: When a new deal is created on Rialto, subscribe new contact on Mailchimp.

Action example: When the contact form on your website is filled out, create a new deal on Rialto.

A couple of other ideas how to benefit from integrating other tools with your Rialto account:


Automatically keep your contact lists up to date:


Automatically synch property viewings to your calendar:

Team Collaboration

Communicate, create tasks for your team, save documents in the cloud:

Property Management / Billing Dealing

with frequent move-in/move-outs, you might want to synch Rialto with your property management solution.


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