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“It works the way you expect it to work. It comes across very easily. I am very impressed”

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Cushman & Wakefield
James Young
Partner - London Markets Chair - EMEA Office Agency


Q. What was your first impression of Rialto? Ans. Well, we had a good first meeting with your team. It was something that I thought was very intuitive. I think that it is extremely important when you are using a system like this that it actually works the way you expect it to work and when you are putting information into it, it just comes across very easily. And when we presented to our client who is going to use it at Silvertown partnership they thought exactly the same way. So it was a very positive first experience.

Q. How is Rialto helping you, if you look at it in terms of processes before using it and after and what were the big changes? Ans. Well the project we are working on, at Silvertown has got many different uses, many different agents, who are on board those different uses, so actually everybody is staying in touch on the companies we are talking to, the different brands we are discussing terms with. For everyone to have a clear understanding of who is leading what, and what conversations are taking place is very important. The great thing about Rialto is that it enables us to actually see who is responsible, on a live basis for every single instruction.

Q. What do you think of the potential of Rialto going forward as now you’ve experienced it? Ans. I was very impressed of what I have seen so far, and as I said, I’m using it, my team is using it, and everyone involved with the project is using it. So I think there is good potential for the platform to roll out amongst different landlords, different developers, across both London and also other markets as well.

Q. What is the impact of Rialto on the industry? Ans. I think we are seeing many different uses for the internet based platforms coming through. I think, therefore Rialto has a place amongst that group of different platforms. I predict that within the next couple of years, paper based reporting to clients would have gone and we will all be using web based platform tools.

Q. Can you tell us a bit more about the Silvertown project and using Rialto as a platform? Ans. As I said, we’ve got so many different uses there. It’s a 7 million square foot development going to be developed over a couple of years. It’s larger than Soho in terms of its size. Commercial uses, brand uses, offices, work space etc. So having something that enables us to track all that interest is absolutely critical. And to be able to do it on a live basis, a live platform is incredibly important to the team, so it’s working very well.

Q. What was your experience working with the Rialto team? Ans. Oh, very good, as you get instant response. At the moment you are a small team so that worked well for us, as, if we have some queries we know where to go to. Some of the bigger platforms are more difficult to get clear answers from on changes that we might want to make.

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