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“From junior level through to the executives on our board,
everybody found it extremely easy to get to grips with Rialto.”

· Landlord Cases

Ben Reed

Head of Brand First Base

The Silvertown Partnership


1. For which projects and for what purpose did you start to use Rialto?

Ans. Hi, I’m Ben Reed, I’m Brand Engagement Director at First Base. Our biggest development at the moment is a scheme called Silvertown, which is a £3.5 billion development in Royal Docks in East London. It is one of the top 3 developments in London in terms of size. We started to use Rialto to really help us with the leasing side of our business and how we manage our property agents.

2. Compare, how you were doing things before Rialto and after using it?

Ans. The nature of a large project means we have lots of process and work streams, and before we were using Rialto we were using lot of Excel type spread sheets and Microsoft products. Using Rialto, we found we could join together the moving parts of the project, which meant we really had feedback in real time on what our agents are actually doing for us, and what we need to do for our suppliers.

3. What was the impact or the benefit for the team and organisation as a result of using Rialto?

Ans. The impact of us using Rialto as a business on the Silvertown development meant that we had one voice, one platform to share information. So ranging from our leasing guys, to our sales guys through to our development managers and project managers as well as agents we all had one single point of reference to update our actions and our occupier conversation. So what we really saw was that we had a joined up approach to the project and everybody was singing off the same hymn sheet. This meant we had less room, less margin for error and that we could communicate key mast ends from our leasing and sales point of view to key stake holders within the business.

4. What was your first impression of using Rialto?

Ans. Rialto as a platform is extremely easy to use. We found that, we didn’t really need a lot of training because it’s an interface that we are already quite familiar with after using other Microsoft and apple products. Another key benefit that we found was that from the executive junior level here right through to the executives on our board, everybody ranging from the millennial to 60 plus employees found it extremely easy to get to grips with the platform, Rialto.

5. What do you think of Rialto as a product, its impact on the industry, moving forward to the future and as its changing? Property in particular.

Ans. Good point. With Rialto in place we found that we are actually saving time in other areas of our business. So whereas we were overly reliant on emails in communicating via emails to various distribution lists and to various stake holders, we actually found that the Chatter, message system allows us to communicate through that system with a push email rather than us having to draft and craft our own emails. So we found that the time saving element of Rialto is really beneficial to us as a project at Silvertown. In terms of the development industry as a whole, I think the products like Rialto, really add a layer of transparency to what we are doing, so everybody, right from the agent to the occupier, the developer, seem to have broken down some of those barriers and walls of communication. So we have found that we streamlined that process with Rialto and we hope that others follow in our footsteps, in the development industry, as we were one of the first movers to adopt this platform.

6. Did you feel there was a change or an impact on the relationship as a property developer between you and the agents in the field?

Ans. In terms of our relationship with our property agents, as we manage 4-5 agents on such a big project like Silvertown, we found that actually being transparent helps. Everybody works towards a shared expectation and a common goal. So if one of our agents is updating something on a Sunday evening, to another agent updating something on a Wednesday afternoon, everyone is completely in the loop, on what is happening from a leasing and occupier point of view. And the advantage and the benefit is that we are not duplicating meetings or roles and responsibilities. So we have seen a large knock off effect, in a way the transparencies help the way we work with our agents, also the way the agents communicate with each other in terms of which meeting they are attending and how they are tracking through the sales pipeline.

7. How has your experience been with working with the Rialto team?

Ans. So, we are very familiar with the trends of millennial and start ups cropping up in East London. Second Home where Rialto is based, the area and the building, we know the guys behind that scheme very well. We met Rialto in 2015 and had a brief demonstration of the system. Immediately we were impressed by their can do attitude and also “non salesy” traits. By that I actually mean that the guys we were actually dealing with had intimate knowledge and were heavily influencing the software so we felt there wasn’t a sales person selling you a dream, and didn’t actually deliver on the expectations. All the way through Nick and his team managed our key mark stones, in terms of our deliverables, and what we need to get out of the platform. Also kept us up to date with what else is happening within the Rialto business.

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