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“A centralised platform making all information easily accessible for our brokers.”

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Céline Goosens

Asset Coordinator

Transcript: We needed a tool which could help us to work more efficiently with estate agencies, as we were sometimes experiencing miscommunication problems; too many telephone calls to and from between parties asking the same questions regarding our properties. With Rialto we wanted to make all information available on a single platform which everyone could access at any time - something to make life simple. If a contract is signed, the listing can be immediately changed, while as before we worked with post-it notes and updated our availabilities on Excel on a monthly basis. Using Rialto has undoubtedly improved Intervest's efficiency. A major advantage is that the agencies and brokers now have access to the same information, avoiding misunderstandings around the available space and prices, which are kept up-to-date on a daily basis via the Rialto platform.

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